July 3, 2019

Is It Worth It to Get a Lawyer for a DUI?

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As the leading DUI attorney in Camden County and surrounding areas, we believe that there is no question as to whether or not you should work with a lawyer when facing a DUI. Our expert legal team can help you to save your driving license from suspension, and help to get your DWI charges reduced or dismissed. Turning up to court proceedings without a DUI lawyer is not advised. If you want to win a case and avoid consequences, your chances of success are massively increased by seeking sufficient legal representation.

Below are two reasons to work with a DUI or DWI attorney:

They are Expert Negotiators and Could Get DUI Charges Reduced

In some cases, a DUI or DWI case cannot be dismissed from court. By getting help from an attorney, you may see a reduction in charges to a less severe offense to get a better outcome in the courtroom. Seen as court fines are a mandatory consequence of first time DUI offenses, a lawyer can help to lower these costs and other penalties significantly.

Another reason that individuals charged with DUI for the first time should work with a lawyer is that they will know the local court, which prosecution attorneys to negotiate with, and how to get the best get the charges dismissed for you.

They Could Prevent Your Driving Licence From Being Suspended

All DWI and DUI charges lead to criminal proceedings and separate Administrative License Review hearings at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once a DUI arrest has taken place, drivers typically have an average of 10 days to fight suspension at the DMV hearing, or driving licenses are suspended. You’ll need a lawyer after a DUI or DWI at the first DMV hearing to try and save your license.

An expert DUI attorney’s experience is required to increase the chances of finding the best way how to save a driver’s license from getting suspended at an initial DMV hearing.

For more information, or to talk to the leading DWI law firm in Camden County call The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack website today.

Author: Jason Pollack
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