April 2, 2019

Tips on How to Beat a Traffic Ticket

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Honest Ways to Beat a Ticket


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Here at the Law Offices of Jason C. Pollock, P.C., we represent hundreds of clients facing traffic offenses in both municipal and superior courts throughout New Jersey every year. Jason Pollock prides himself as being one of the most professional and reliable traffic lawyers in Camden County and the surrounding areas. Traffic tickets are a nuisance, as are the fines and penalties associated with them. That’s why we’ve created this post, sharing tips on how to safely avoid a traffic ticket.

Be Polite to the Police:

All police officers are different. Some can be cruel, others can be kind. Often, their behavior is a reflection of your attitude when they first approach you. Police are people, too, and people generally like those who are kind and respectful towards them. If the police officer that deals with your case remembers you for the right reasons, then this could bode well for you when your case goes to court. Cursing and being irate will get you nowhere if you’ve broken the traffic laws in your state.

Consider Your Record Carefully:

The longer your record for previous tickets and offenses, the harder it becomes to fight new tickets. Most importantly, in terms of your license, you need to keep convictions off your record. Convictions can lead to license suspensions. Three convictions within a 12-month period for somebody over 21 years of age will result in a suspended license.

Request a Court Date:

Once you have been pulled over by a police officer, you will be given a traffic violation form to fill out. This form will have an option to pay a fine, normally of around $120, below this fine is an option to request a court date. By requesting a court date, you have a good chance of protecting your license.

Show up to Court on Time:

It’s very important to turn up to court on time, check in on time, and carry yourself with a respectful demeanor for the court. If you turn up late and have a poor attitude, you could be penalized for not showing respect to the court and wasting the judge’s time. Don’t forget to place your cellphone on silent; the last thing the court needs is a delay in proceedings through ignorance.

If you have recently received a ticket or been charged with any moving violation, then it is essential to talk to a traffic court attorney as soon as possible and protect your driving privileges. Click here now to talk to a traffic court attorney in Camden County or surrounding areas.


Author: Jason Pollack
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