November 5, 2019

What You Need to Know About the New Jersey DMV Point System

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Many drivers are issued traffic tickets in New Jersey every year. Most of them only think of the ticket as a time waster and an additional expense, but they do not understand what the ticket means for their driving records or futures on the road. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is responsible for adding and deducting “points” on your driving record, depending on the driving offense and its severity or repetition. As a rule, more severe violations will add more points to your record than minor offenses, and in this instance, more points is definitely not a good thing. 

The leading DWI defense attorneys in Burlington County, NJ, at The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack, P.C., are committed to their past, current, and future clients and wish to keep them informed about news and laws relevant to traffic violations and criminal cases. Below we have provided a brief overview of the driving record point system in New Jersey, including various offenses and their point values. 

Moving Violations & License Suspensions

All moving violations, or a traffic law breach that occurs when a vehicle is in motion, will end in points tacked on to your driving record. If you accrue six or more points within a three-year period, you must pay a yearly surcharge for three years in addition to any other penalties or court fees. If you receive 12 or more points on your record, your license will most likely get suspended.

Automatic suspensions will occur for a variety of other offenses, including Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), driving a vehicle without insurance or a license, under-age drinking, failure to show up to court when ordered, and other offenses outlined in Chapter 7 of the NJ Driver’s Manual

Point Values for Common Traffic Violations

As we mentioned earlier, the severity of the driving violation will result in more or fewer points, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the point values associated with common traffic offenses. 


  • Not yielding for a pedestrian
  • Driving 1 to 14 mph above the posted speed limit 
  • Blocking traffic by driving too slowly
  • Disregarding traffic signals
  • Proceeding the wrong way on a one-way street

Three or More Points

  • Violating left/right-turn laws (3)
  • Illegal U-turns (3)
  • Speeding 15 to 29 mpg (4) or 30+ mph (5) above the posted speed limit
  • Reckless driving & illegal racing (5)
  • Passing a stopped school bus (5)
  • Causing an accident involving personal injury (8)

Although points can get deducted from your driving record by avoiding more violations for over a year after your last moving violation or taking a driver improvement program, the best way to keep points off your record and your license unsuspended is to follow the traffic laws. 

Unfortunately, people make mistakes, and if you are one of those people, calling The Law Offices of Jason C. Pollack, P.C. is an excellent way to fight your tickets. We are proud to be a top DUI, traffic violation, and criminal defense law firm in Gloucester County, NJ, and look forward to helping you when you need us! Call today for a consultation!

Author: Jason Pollack
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