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Is It Worth It to Get a Lawyer for a DUI?

As the leading DUI attorney in Camden County and surrounding areas, we believe that there is no question as to whether or not you should work with a lawyer when facing a DUI. Our expert legal team can help you to save your driving license from suspension, and help to get your DWI charges reduced or dismissed. Turning up to court proceedings without a DUI lawyer is not advised. If you want to win a case and avoid consequences, your chances of success are massively increased by seeking sufficient legal representation.

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Tips on How to Beat a Traffic Ticket

Honest Ways to Beat a Ticket   Honest, Reliable, Traffic Law Here at the Law Offices of Jason C. Pollock, P.C., we represent hundreds of clients facing traffic offenses in both municipal and superior courts throughout New Jersey every year. Jason Pollock prides himself as being one of the most professional and reliable traffic lawyers in Camden County and the surrounding areas. Traffic tickets are a nuisance, as are the fines and penalties associated with them. That’s why we’ve created this post, sharing tips on how to safely avoid a traffic ticket.

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Change Is Coming: Highlights From Jason C. Pollack’s Recent DUI/DWI Seminar

On Nov. 6, Jason C. Pollack, P.C. held a DUI/DWI Seminar for New Jersey legal professionals. This program was approved by the Board of Continuing Legal Education of the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In this seminar, Mr. Pollack introduced attendees to current events that could affect the DUI/DWI field and change how legal professionals successfully defend their clients. Mr. Pollack is a trusted DUI attorney in the Gloucester County area and beyond. He has been recognized for his work in the field of DUI/DWI by numerous organizations, including Manta and AVVO. He has also appeared on CBS Philadelphia TV.

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