June 11, 2020

What You Should Have in Case You Get Pulled Over in NJ (& The Penalties if You Don’t)

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As a traffic lawyer serving Camden County and the surrounding area, we are well acquainted with what a driver needs to do to prevent unnecessary punishments. While these following points may seem obvious, possessing them for your car while driving can prove to save you both time and money. Today, we’re going to break down the three essential things to have in case you get pulled over in the Garden State.


It’s always important to keep your license on you when you’re driving. It provides a valid form of identification that could help identify you in the case of a tragic accident or emergency. However, it does more than just show who you are: it shows that you are legally allowed to drive in the state. In the state of New Jersey, driving is a privilege rather than a right. Having a license to drive is an essential part of travel here, and not having one will lead to drastic punishments. These punishments, dependent on the particular situation of the violation, can lead up to a $500 fine, 60 days in prison, and ineligibility to get a license for 180 days. With these sentences in mind, it’s critical to keep a valid license on your person to avoid being fined or jailed for something this simple and seemingly trivial.


Having your registration updated and proof of it in the vehicle is vital for drivers in NJ. In our state, police officers have the right to remove cars from the road and even parking lots solely for expired registrations. Fines up to $100 can be placed on you, plus towing and storage expenses, until the car’s registration is proven. To avoid all of this stress and hassle, try and keep track of your registration’s expiration date, and make sure your tags get updated alongside the registration information itself. The more thorough your process of ensuring everything is in order, the less likely you will get towed by the police.


Car insurance is one thing that is a proven necessity beyond just being pulled over for seemingly small traffic violations. Insurance helps cover your vehicle and anyone damaged in or by your car in case of an accident. Also, it is legally required in the state of New Jersey to have at least a basic or standard insurance policy for your vehicle. Because of this, having proof of insurance in your car is critical to avoiding potential hazards when pulled over by police or in a fender bender. Penalties for not having insurance are much higher than the previous two situations; these go up to $5,000 in fines, two years of a suspended license, 180 days of community service, 14 days in prison, and the vehicle’s impoundment. Get covered today to avoid these excruciating sentences.

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